How to Make Ice Cream with Sleep Ease Herbal Tea

How to Make Ice Cream with Sleep Ease Herbal Tea

The Cozy Leaf Sleep Ease blend is rich in herbs that contain powerful nervine properties! Meaning they are very calming and soothing to the nervous system! So it's not just your sleepy time tea, it is also a great blend to help calm and bring balance to the central nervous system. And what better way to enjoy those herbs than by churning them into delicious ice cream!?!  That's what I thought,  so I created a simple recipe to enjoy your Sleep Ease tea in ICE CREAM!!

10 Reasons Chamomile Tea is good for your health

10 Reasons Chamomile Tea is good for your health

Sit down with a cup of chamomile tea and lets chat about the benefits and uses of chamomile tea!   I think you will be surprised that chamomile tea has many more uses than just a bedtime tea!

Green Tea Health Benefits To Get You Drinking Healthy!

Green Tea Health Benefits To Get You Drinking Healthy!

Green tea packs an amazing punch of health benefits with research over the years showing those benefits to including preventing heart disease, fighting cancer cells, lowering cholesterol and risk of stroke,  preventing diabetes, helping with weight loss by boosting the metabolism and burning fat, protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and the list can go on and on. 

Find out more here!!

Bagged Tea VS Loose Leaf Tea

Bagged Tea VS Loose Leaf Tea

Let's take a minute to Break down the differences between loose leaf and bagged tea, and what you are really drinking when you have a cup of tea from a tea bag.

Whats in your cup? Appearance, Flavor and Aroma, Brew, Filter Bags which have a chemical called epichlorohydrin!

5 Steps to make PERFECT Iced tea with the ForLife Capsule Infuser

Premium iced tea at your fingertips with the ForLife capsule infuser. Step by step guide to delicious and healthy tea to keep your nourished and hydrated all summer. 

Goldenmilk with Ginger and Turmeric Tea

The powerhouse duo of Turmeric and Ginger is the perfect way to give your body a hug in a mug! Goldenmilk is basically a combination of Turmeric and Ginger (preferably brewed as a tea) with the addition of milk to make it a smooth and delicious drink that is widely consumed for many health benefits. 

Chamomile Tea and my Dynamic Duo of Sheep Counting to help combat Insomnia!

Chamomile Tea and my Dynamic Duo of Sheep Counting to help combat Insomnia!

Let's talk for a little bit about stress. As a society in general, we are under so many stresses! But what if we gave ourselves a nightly healthy relaxing treat? A calming cup of tea will hit the spot and naturally help ease the stresses of our day!

Kansas Sunset Chai Ice Cream

Kansas Sunset Chai Ice Cream

How do you wind down at the end of a long day? In the winter, the perfect way for me is with a nice warm cup of Kansas Sunset Chai. However, in the blazing hot summer it is not high on my list! I still crave the delicious and rich chai spice as well as the huge list of health benefits! So I started working with ice cream! I could not be more excited about this creation! And to add to the health benefits and rich flavor, I used date syrup instead of sugar! So whether you are making a treat for yourself, or a big dinner party, grab a bag of Kansas Sunset Chai so you are prepared for the next summertime special event!

How to Brew an Antioxidant Packed Iced Tea

How to Brew an Antioxidant Packed Iced Tea

Soothing Lemon Wellness is one of my go-to blends for a party! It is refreshing and healthy and is the perfect evening iced tea for these hot summer dinners because it has no caffeine! And a lot of studies show how rooibos is 5 times higher in antioxidants than green tea! Not to mention the amazing digestive benefits of lemons! My kids absolutely love this iced tea and I feel an "epic mom win" moment when they are chugging down glass after glass of antioxidant packed wellness!!! 

100% Grown in the USA

"Is this grown in the USA?" You asked and I listened! I have a passion for creating blend that are 100% grown from the soil of our great nation! American farmers are becoming an endangered species and I want to do my best to bring you tea blends that are not only blended and packaged in the US but also grown in the US from the heart and soul of American farmers!

We work with about 120 different ingredients throughout the Cozy Leaf line of teas and I am proud to say that over half of those ingredients are sourced from within the US. Many variables come into play when sourcing ingredients and I am constantly looking for the highest quality ingredients I can find!  

So hats off to the red, white and blue as we launch our line of 100% US grown blends! Its all starting on the great Islands of Hawaii with these two amazing blends! Turmeric Ginger No.1 and Cascara Ginger No.1

Want to read more about our Turmeric and Ginger blend or about our Cascara blend? And definitely stay tuned for more exciting news in the line of Cozy Leaf US grown tea blends! I have so many ideas headed your way!!

Happy tea time,


Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

Cascara also known as Coffee Cherry Tea, makes an amazing tea with a very soft and natural taste. The term Cascara comes from the Spanish word "cáscara" which means "husk". This is very different from the herb cascara sagrada which is a powerful laxative. The outside skin or husk of the coffee bean (pictures below) starts off as a beautiful crimson protector to the coffee bean that is growing inside. The coffee bean will easily pop out of the fresh husk leaving two separate and wonderful parts to this glorious plant!

Cascara typically ends up as compost on many coffee farms. Most places spread the coffee cherry's out in the open air, let them dry, and then husk them to get the coffee bean out of the middle. This may produce a great coffee bean product, but definitely not a great cascara product. With birds flying overhead, perching on rafters, and "doing their business", its no wonder that most cascara needs to become compost. I've tried many many cascara products and let me tell you, you can always taste the difference and its quite disturbing! So I was on a mission to find a farm that covers their cascara to dry it...and I found it! On the Big Island of Hawaii, right outside of Kona, I found an amazing small scale coffee farm that dries cascara the way we like it!! They husk the coffee cherries before they dry them and then dry the cascara and the coffee bean separately in covered drying racks! This results in an amaaaaazing Cascara!!!

Now you want to talk about the cutest pest control EVER!! This is Rooney and his offspring. They are Kune Kune pigs and are an amazing natural weed prevention for the coffee plants! This farm has a wonderful all natural approach to farming!

That is BEAUTIFUL Cascara!!! Load me up!!! I was able to ship back plenty of product for taste testing and experimenting with blends. Once I got my hands on some amazing Hawaiian yellow ginger and combined the two together, I knew I had the perfect Cascara Ginger blend!!! 

So after almost a year of searching and blending, I can provide you with an amazing Cascara blend that is just the beginning of our Cascara blends and a wonderful addition to our line of US grown blends!

For ONE week only, this blend is ON SALE in our online shop! Stock up now, we have limited stock!


Thank you and happy tea time!


Turmeric and Ginger from the Islands of Hawaii

I strongly believe in making tea that is both healing for the body and delicious to the palate! The best way to start that is to source the absolutely best ingredients that I can find. It has taken me on many adventures since 2009! This past year has been a passion for sourcing the best US grown ingredients for a blend of the powerhouse duo of Ginger and Turmeric! I could not be happier with the outcome!! Let me take you through my journey! 

I feel like I have tried every possible organic ginger and turmeric on the market. But there was always something that help me back from making the best blend. Tea blending is far more than just throwing together ingredients, it is focusing on the flavor of different processes as well as how different grades and cuts of herbs and teas work together. Sometimes the best of one ingredient just does not pair well with the best of another ingredient. Its crazy how it works, but when its your passion you do not stop searching!!

My quest took me to finding the best possible ginger and turmeric from the Islands of Hawaii!!!! 

These plants need plenty of rainfall and a nice warm climate which makes Hawaii and ideal location for this plant!

Straight from the earth in all its beautiful glory!!! Ginger and Turmeric have long long lists of health benefits!

In fact, Hawaiian Red Turmeric (Olena, native to the Hawaiian Islands) is very different from yellow turmeric found in most health food stores. Curcumin is the most active constituent in turmeric and extensive research has come out about the many many health benefits of curcumin! Testing has been done on this wonderful Hawaiian root and it has come in at up to 16.5% total curcuminoid content!!! There is as little as 2% content in many turmeric options available, so when I heard these numbers I HAD to get my hands on some!!!

And let me tell you, not only is the Hawaiian varieties exceptional in testing labs, but it is highly superior in flavor!!! The freshness, OOOOHHH the freshness!! Seriously, sipping a cup of goldenmilk right now and I feel like I'm back on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, but Toto I am still in Kansas! Stay tuned for another post about how to make a great Goldenmilk!!

To seal in the freshness and beauty of these Hawaiian healing roots,  local lime juice is squeezed onto the  cut roots to lock in the island! 

The hardworking hands and hearts that bring Cozy Leaf the best possible ginger and turmeric!!!

Try the Cozy Leaf powerhouse duo of Hawaiian Turmeric and Ginger and be fully convinced of the superior flavor and benefit of our blend! One week only we are putting this amazing blend ON SALE!!! There is a limited stock and we wont be able to blend and package more until next January so dont wait, stock up now! Only available HERE on our website and for a limited time!


Want more of these superior plants?!? Head over to Lani Sweets and Treats and pick up a few bags of their amazing ginger and turmeric snacks! They are phenomenal!!! It will leave you giggling with excitement that you are tasting delicious snacks that are so extremely good for you!! They are also running a sale for 10% off 5 bags or more with coupon code "healthierme".

Malig & Livya are passionate and dedicated to spreading the word about these amazing roots and it is truly because of them that I am able to bring this tea blend to you today! Thank you both so much!!! Read their story here and fall in love with their journey!

You'll be hearing much more about these Hawaiian ingredients (and many more) as we are working hard to bring you a line of Cozy Leaf teas that are blended from 100% US grown herbs and teas! It is a passion of mine to source my herbs from farmers who have a passion for growing the best organic products! 

Thank you all for your love and commitment to health!